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Behaviour Change Program with the British Embassy and East Java’s Government.

November 12, 2020 Public Policy - By: Admin

During the online program launch on 1 October 2020, with the British Embassy and East Java’s vice-governor.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an impact Globally, even in developed countries. Whereas in Indonesia, it has been almost 10 months since the COVID-19 virus first infected an Indonesian citizen, and until now it seems that the virus is still spreading and the curve has not yet flattened. One of the ways to help stop the infection rate is for the people to follow safety protocols, which are: wearing a mask, social distancing, good hygiene practices such as washing your hands, and staying away from crowds.

Effective communication by local authorities is deemed important for the people to comply, especially in a city where the COVID-19 cases are one of the highest in the country, such as East Java. Therefore, the British Embassy worked together with nudgeplus and the East Java’s government to help East Java’s virus transmission and hopefully flatten the curve. To do so, nudgeplus held a 5-day capacity building event on 19-23 October 2020 for the East Java’s government institutions, some of them were: the PR Team (HUMAS), Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPDP), Department of Health (Dinas Kesehatan), and Department of Agriculture (Dinas Pertanian). 

A total of 25 participants from the institutions mentioned above followed the training program to be able to communicate clearly and effectively on making the people follow safety protocols. Other than public communication, the participants were also taught about basic behavioural sciences knowledge, such as biases and heuristics, so they can apply them to their communication campaigns. Most participants were new to learn about behavioural sciences, where they expressed their gratitude and excitement through social media, saying they cannot wait to see the result on what they have learned from the program will be. 

Participants were also equipped with some insight on conducting an experiment using randomised trials that measure the effectiveness of different types of messaging, good public communication campaigns on COVID-19 safety protocols were created so the people will follow through and eventually change their behaviour. They were expected to share the knowledge to public officials in their institutions, in which they will start spreading the campaign while still being accompanied by nudgeplus to support the institutions on their behavioural science-based public communications. We will then monitor and evaluate the impacts and figure out how to deliver the campaign on a wider scale.

Taken during the capacity building program, nudgeplus team and participants.

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