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Providing an independent multidisciplinary research team that could conduct high-quality scientific research in behavioural science. We aim to contribute not only for the sake of academic discussion but also for practical needs to improve quality of life.

The research could extend from how to measure the impact of certain intervention into how to pick the most effective intervention.


Providing advice and support to a behavioural change project based on the user’s needs

Providing consultancy in public policy, marketing and other behavioural change issues. 

In public policy, we provide practical, evidence-based consultation service for the central or local government (PEMDA: Provinsi, Kabupaten, Kotamadya) by mixing the existing public policy with behavioural science touch in influencing citizens behaviour. 

In marketing, we inject behavioural science insight into the standard marketing strategy to gain more tractions and increase user engagement.  We also provide a digital nudge consultancy to give your companies marketing strategy a competitive edge compared to others. In finance, for example, we help the banking and insurance industry to attract more savings and investments by applying behavioural science insight into product development and service delivery.


We offer three levels of training: Essential, Comprehensive and Bespoke. It is a series of training that covers the very basic understanding of behavioral science to the most advance. For a custom project, we offer you the Bespoke program in which nudge+ team work together with your company to design a behavior change project.

The overall objective of behavioural science training camp is to build on your considerable strength to ensure that any institution continues to thrive and become leader in their field.