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Simple . Scientific . Impactful .

Using the insight from behavioural science, we NUDGE people

Simple . Scientific . Impactful .

We are the pioneer in nudge service in Indonesia

Simple . Scientific . Impactfull .

Our Three Approach In Dealing With Problematic Behaviour

We are strongly devoted to behavioural science – the fastest-growing field in social sciences which does not only theoretically advance the classical approach but also pragmatically be useful in establishing a public policy, designing a program, or changing people behaviour (users, customers, citizens, etc.) with easy (change behaviour by changing the context and does not necessarily change the mind) and inexpensive approach (utilizing the already available behavioural tools) approach.

We offer a new scientific approach to influence human behaviour. We provide the insight on how you should approach your targeted stakeholder and how to nudge them using evidence-based tools which have been researched by top-level world researcher. We combine the most recent finding in behavioural economics, cognitive science, psychology, and sociology to understand how humans decide. We take you through the reason why people decide which commonly only visible by only observing their behaviour.

Having back up by evidence-based tools, we include experimental approach as the final key step to ensure that tool can induce behaviour change. The experiment will complete the puzzle of how to change behaviour more impactful.  Being well-known for its efficacy, behavioural science has been applied by world-class institutions such as World Bank, OECD, Facebook, Google, and becoming more ubiquitous to be applied to all areas of human life.


Public policy making could incorporate the insight from behavioural science by minimising systematic bias and, thus, can effectively change citizens’ and stakeholders’ behaviour. The public sector could benefit from the impactful yet cheap approach in changing citizens behaviour.

Marketing strategy could be enriched by applying insight from behavioural science to gain more tractions and increase user and customer engagement.   Behavioural science through digital nudge and choice architecture is a game-changer in today’s online marketing competition, especially, for companies that put online platform as a means of communication and interaction.

Any institutions that has concern for behaviour change in any area could capitalize the benefit of understanding human decision making by avoiding a “bad” decision making such as de-biasing human resources recruitment, business meeting focus and refinement, and other behavioural subject interventions.

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Acknowledging the benefit of behavioural science, we are keen to share the knowledge and information about behavioural science through various events, articles and videos.  Spreading invaluable knowledge to the society is one of our key values.

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