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UCLG ASPAC Matchmaking Virtual Event

December 14, 2020 News - By: Admin

Mr. Dimas Prasetyo presenting nudgeplus’ previous works.

On Friday, 4 December 2020, nudgeplus was invited to be one of the speakers at the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Asia Pacific (ASPAC) Matchmaking Virtual Event: “Mendorong Strategi Komunikasi Publik yang Efektif untuk Mendukung Perubahan Perilaku Disiplin Protokol Kesehatan di Masa Pandemi COVID-19”, to share our services and approach on tackling COVID-19 to some local governments.

UCLG ASPAC is the biggest regional section of the UCLG, where they apply the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Asosiasi Pemerintah Kota Seluruh Indonesia (APEKSI) and other Indonesian associations, with some assistance from the European Union to help increase the local government’s range in creating capacity building events that are inclusive and sustainable through SDGs or Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (TPB).

Public communication is crucial in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective public communication will help increase the people’s trust in the government in responding and handling the pandemic. Therefore, the people’s trust needs to be built and cared for to prevent widespread panic that could become counterproductive in fighting the pandemic.

Applying behavioural sciences/economics in public communications is one of nudgeplus’ programs since behaviour change is an agenda in any institution. Therefore, we emphasised several times that problematic behaviour occurs due to a gap existing between behavioural intention and action. Our nudges work on these issues while stressing on its effectiveness on changing behaviour by comparing the treatment vs. control group – this has become our gold standard to meet an evidence-based and impactful policy-making in any sector.

We showcased 2 specific cases of our work: building effective communication to alter mudik intentions and behavioural insights training in collaboration with the British Embassy and East Java government.

Collaboration across institutions is indeed one of the key initiatives during this pandemic to tackle the problem and we are excited to have more collaborations with other local governments to strengthen our communities further!

UCLG ASPAC Zoom Participants

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