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Job Vacancy Available: Field Surveyor (Surabaya)

October 5, 2020 News - By: Admin

Role : Field Surveyor, 2 weeks contract (approx. 4 positions are available)

Location : Surabaya

Deadline : Friday, 9 October 2020, 17.00 WIB.

nudgeplus is looking for people who can help to observe (in situ) the actual behaviour change as an impact of seeing a (behavioural-science designed) poster.

Who we are?

nudgeplus is the pioneer of nudge services in Indonesia. nudgeplus is established to meet a huge demand in hacking notorious behavioural problems in Indonesia with the back up from the fast-growing development of behavioural science in the world.  Our goal is to narrow the gap knowledge of behavioural science and help public and private institutions, as well as non-profit organisations, to change their stakeholders’ behaviour through RCT (research, consultancy, and training). nudgeplus is a multidisciplinary team with a good mix of people from Behavioural Economics, Psychology, Engineering, Data Science, etc.

nudgeplus is supported by a trained professional by World Bank and other top-level behavioural science institutions. nudgeplus is also collaborate closely with the IBEF (Indonesia Behavioural Economics Forum) which consists of Indonesian scholars who studied behavioural science in the top-level universities in the world.

What we are currently doing?

We are going to conduct a behavioural science program with provincial government of East Java, working together with Biro Humas Prov. Jawa Timur to: (1) equip themselves in designing public communication (poster) using the insight from behavioural science, (2) help them design a behavioural science-based public communication and measure the impact by observing the actual behaviour change in which the poster is located. We roughly will have 30 ASN (Aparatur Sipil Negeri) worker on board who will be with us intensively in a classroom setting for a week, followed by a month online-consultation to achieve the above two objectives. The training involves 4 nudgeplus experts who will be present in the Surabaya during the one-week training. The poster allocation will take place 2 times – piloting and scale-up stage, each placement takes about one week.

What we ask you to do?

  • Help to measure the impact of poster by observing the behaviour where the poster will be located during the piloting and scale-up stage.
  • Each observation will take 3-4 hours a day, during the working hour (morning / noon / afternoon – to be confirmed), for two weeks.
  • Coordinate with the nudgeplus experts and submit their observation on a daily basis (form will be provided).

What we are looking for?

  • At least in his / her third year (semester 5 above), any relevant social science (i.e. Psychology, Sociology, Economic, etc.), fresh graduate will be an advantage, with experience in organisations and / or committees (candidates with social project experience are encouraged to apply).
  • Preferably a local people with an understanding of local culture.
  • Keen and understanding of some behavioural issues during the pandemic, particularly in Surabaya and East Java.
  • Understand the local language (Javanese).
  • Availability to work on-site at the specified time.
  • Coordinate with the nudgeplus experts and submit their observation on a daily basis (form will be provided).

If above points suit you, please send a maximum one page cover letter describing qualities and experience, with CV to info@nudgeplus.net / asknudgeplus@gmail.com. The deadline is Friday, 9 October 2020, 17.00 WIB.